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Liberate the Accountants! The call to arms has been sounded, but is there a solution?

Excellence in reporting standards, statutory compliance and risk governance, have resulted in Accountants being both depended on, and limited in our function. Accountants are often seen as gatekeepers of information rather than leaders of business progress. We keep an arms length from business. And they avoid seeking out our support as far as possible. The comfort of curating financial information keeps us close to the information while the inherent conservatism within the Finance function limits Accountants from taking necessary steps to take command of the information at our disposal.

But things don’t have to go on like this. We can be key enablers of South African success. 15 years of experience in Accounting and Systems pushed us to start a firm to implement a carefully cultivated vision. To transform the Finance function in South Africa from a function that scrutinizes data; to the forefront of effective strategy and organizational change through mastery of information flow.

From issues integrating tax calculations with budgetary processes, to automation and the dramatics of scenario modelling; these blogs will be detailing our experiences and observations, that will clarify the way forward for our fellow colleagues and clients in the Finance Arms.

The future of finance is on the horizon and the future is bright.